CLAMP ON TRAILER HITCH For Skid Steer, Bobcat, Tractor

Need a way to quickly and easily move trailers around your lot? Our Clamp On Trailer Hitch is perfect for your Bobcat, skidsteer or tractor. You no longer need a truck to haul your trailers around the yard. Installs in a flash with our super simple setup. Designed and Manufactured in Canada.



- Eliminates having to get a truck to move the trailer

- Fast and easy to relocate trailers on the yard

- Designed and manufactured in Canada

- 600 lb. toungue weight

Canadian Design Registration 150805

US Design Patent D708554

CLAMP ON LOADER FORKS For Skid Steer, Bobcat, Tractor

These Clamp on Bucket Forks are specially designed with a back vise against the bucket blade and tightens the forks to the bucket. The back vise flips and can be adjusted for smaller loader blades. 1800 lb. capacity per set.

Canadian Patent #CA2886702

US Design Patent #US 14/672742

TOOL CUBES Heavy Duty, Steel Structure, Galvanized Cabinets






- 20 Gauge galvanized steel

- Pegboard both sides

- 100 lb. drawer slides

- Drawer dimensions 20"x20"x3"

- Unit dimensions: Depth 22", Width 23.5", Height 20"

- 165 lb. capacity (per wheel)

Design Patent





- 100% 304 Stainless Steel

- 4-way universal swing

- 1-3/4" thick door with 20 Ga. skins

- 3-1/2", 16 Ga. stainless steel jambs (2"x4" walls)

- Full perimeter weather-stripping

- Standard or Custom door sizes

- Stainless steel lockset insert, reinforced 12 Ga. stainless steel plates.

- Flange built into one side of frame with flange built into trim pieces on other side. Benefit is there is no need to trim after installation

- Four stainless steel hinges with bearings, reinforced 12 Ga. stainless steel plates

- Fully insulated 2-part polyurethane closed cell material injected in door which repels moisture, mold and bacteria from spreading

- Door is prepped for lockset by boring a 2-1/8" diameter hole with a 2-3/4" backset and a 1" edge bore


- 16"x16" 1 lite, consisting of 2 pieces of 1/8" tempered glass with 1/2" dead air space

- 22"x30" 1 lite, consisting of 2 pieces of 1/8" tempered glass with 1/2" dead air space

- Dead bolt lockset

- 5-1/2", 116 Ga. stainless steel door jambs (2"x6" walls)

- 6 Ga. stainless steel jambs (2"x4" walls)

- Custom assemblies available in a wide range of sizes, configurations and jamb depths

- Customizable for your latch preference



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