Manure Pit Agitators and Load Pumps



Lange Ag Systems sells and rents manure pit agitator and load pump units.  Call us today for more information.


     Manure Pump

Standard Equipment Includes:

  • 2-25 feet of hydraulic hose
  • Easy Lift Handle
  • Four-blade radial fan
  • Agitates 8 foot deep pits (extensions available for deeper pits)
  • Dual Input
  • Hydraulic Drive, Direct Impeller Submersible


-Thorough mixing action prevents pit buildup

-Provides uniform composition

-Designed for easy operation by one person

-Dual imput, impeller size (3x14") provides maximum fuel efficiency

-Hooks up to any tractor hydraulic system

-Direct Drive - no bearings or shafts to cause problems

-Minimum of one year pay out versus chemicals

-Pump size ideal for hog operations

-Tractor runs at slow idle speed

-Hydraulic oil stays cool

-Can be handled by one person

-Only weighs 115 pounds

-Constant rate of fertilizer for application from first use to last load

-Agitates approximately 1000 gallons per minute

-Moves approximately 750 gallons per minute with pumping




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